our approach
We believe that you can create win win solutions in the world. Environmental improvement and protection does not have to be at the expensive of a community.

Environmental and Social Impact

Our process only supports projects that benefit both the environment and community through the LBX platform. The work that is created provides a transitionary economy to areas that have been hit the hardest by the energy migration to cleaner or sustainable sources.

Audited and Verified

LBX uses a decentralized bench sign off process to ensure that multiple checks and balances have been achieved throughout the process. The physical audit process ensure that the goals have been met prior to the carbon offsets being issued.

Positive vs Passive

The LBX process is built to deliver not only high environmental standards but also to flip the narrative on carbon offsets by providing a solution that actually improves the environment versus environmental neutrality.

Our Methodology

Our process utilizes a streamlined verification methodology to ensure projects are completed to their stated goal and the carbon source, existing timber and timber planted meets their projected offsets.  

Investors are provided a project file upon request to showcase their results achieved during the project.
Who certifies that the work is completed?
Land Betterment Corporation, a certified pending B-Corp and Indiana benefit corporation.  Their team is formed from over 18 years of experience in the industry focusing on cleaning up abandoned or bankrupt mining assets. As a team they have reclaimed and received bond releases on over $20 million of environmental liability and over 7,000 acres of land.
As sponsors do we need to complete the work ourselves or find environmental specialists?
No, the projects available are pre approved projects from environmental specialists that have went through the prerequisite pre approval process to get qualified. They would preform the work as part of the process. The sponsors are providing the funding to earn the LBX Carbon Offsets and potentially a split of the LBX Tokens themselves.
What is the average time from start to finish for the environmental imrovement?
Projects typically range from three months to one year, depending on the size and nature of the project.
How does LBX ensure environmental improvement?
The LBX system was designed based on 18 years of experience and knowledge of the industry process to reclaim former fossil fuel sites.  Land Betterment Corporation has created an auditable and verifiable process that only rewards actual environmental work while combining state regulatory processes based on the release of environmental surety bonds.
What sets LBX apart from other carbon offset providers?
We strive for environmental improvement versus environmentally neutral activities. We are physically remediating impacted lands from fossil fuel activities and then improving those lands to keep carbon out of the environment and utilizing reforestation techniques to extract C02 out of the environment. Furthermore, the social impact and job creation of our program is a game changer for the rural distressed areas of the United States.
How does the local community benefit?
There are many positives to the local community. 1) The LBX program brings a new transitionary economy into the community to create jobs, commerce and economic drivers. 2) They benefit from living in a cleaner more attractive community the environmental blights cleaned up and repaired. 3) As the market demand for offsets and the LBX token appreciate the wages provided to the local workers hired to do the work will increase due to the increased demand for such workforce.